We are all getting older, and we all know that living on our own can be a slippery slope. Our homes are landmines of potential falls and tripping hazards. According to aging-in-place specialist Ernie Mac Neil, most people don’t try to make their homes navigable until there is a crisis. Falling while living on your own can be dangerous, you could get hurt and not be able to contact help, but what if you could avoid the risks of falling altogether?

There are many ways to get the safe home of your dreams. Here are some of the ways to achieve that, master bedroom suite addition!

One of the most overlooked tripping hazards in the master bedroom suite addition is uneven flooring. The transitions from even, flat hardwood floors to rough carpeting, can increase the risk of tripping or falling. To prevent this, have even flooring throughout the bedroom. You can have the flooring of the same color and pattern to keep your flooring consistent. You can prevent risks even more by having non-slip mats outside of the shower, by the bed, near the bathroom counters, or wherever you please! You can spice it up by getting unique patterns on your mats, cool, right?

Another way to prevent falling is by having grab bars. Grab bars are bars you put next to your shower, toilet, or stairs. If you have trouble getting up or just want to have extra support, grab on to one of these and stand up with confidence! They are easy to install, no matter the location. They won’t budge or fall if the shower gets too steamy or if the bars get wet. They are the friends you can lean on! Don’t worry, they still won’t break. This master bedroom suite addition may be your best investment!

Everyone has clutter, but did you know it might introduce more risks in your home? Make sure you keep walkways clear. Invest in clothes hampers, drawers, and closet organizers. Put laundry away, make sure cords aren’t lying around, and put extra items such as toiletries in drawers. Don’t put extra storage boxes in high places. Make sure everything can be reached safely and easy to get. Think about keeping your essentials and most used products together in one area. This will ensure you don’t have to run all over the place trying to get the items you need, they’ll be in one place and you don’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to get them.

Remember, this is your home! Make it comfortable and easily accessible. Your master bedroom suite should be a sanctuary, not a danger zone. Home renovations are very fun and you can become a master designer. Decorate and organize it in a fun way and represents your true character. But always be sure you can be safe in it and don’t have to worry about falling or tripping. So, go and have fun in your brand new renovated home where you don’t even have to worry about getting hurt!