Are you tired of looking at the old kitchen cabinets in your kitchen? Are you on a budget? Don’t have much time? Look no further than this article because I have some good tips for you that don’t take much time at all!

Must Do Things

Your first step is making a trip to the hardware store for some pieces of plywood, don’t forget to measure your cabinets! After cleaning and sanding the corners of your plywood pieces, you will take a piece of plywood and attach it to the exposed cabinets side, to do this you will use carpenters glue on the back of it and press firmly against the exposed side of the cabinet. Then nail the corners down until they are deeply embedded and fill the top of the holes with wood filler. You will now apply the veneer you have chosen for the cabinets make sure that the application is even and it needs to go lengthwise ( with the grain). You can use a wood block or another flat, hard object to get rid of any air bubbles. If there is any access of veneer on the edges you may use a utility knife to cut that off, use a straight edge to help give you a straight cut and result. This is just one quick, simple and budget friendly way to reface your cabinets, there are other ways but it can become costly and time consuming.

Another way you can do refacing for your cabinets are by taking all the cabinets off, taking the handles off the doors, sanding them all, staining them, adding a gloss, and adding the handles back on all the cabinets attaching them back and that’s the end of that, the cool thing about this way, is you can etch things into the doors yourself with a chisel or if your looking for that old rustic look you can make your cabinets look distressed in many different ways! There is also the painting approach to the custom closets Dallas, but to be honest this is more of the less appealing options to a lot of people. I hope I helped you out with a few tips for resurfacing your cabinets at home and you should do some looking into yourself because the options are endless! The more creative you are, the more inquisitive and adventurous you are, will make your cabinets the talk of the town!